“Simon” Wants to stay in Bilbao, insists he hangs,

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Athletic Bilbao goalkeeper Unai Simon has reveal he plans to stay at the club until he retires. Although his future is not yet known.

Basque, who rose to the top of the first team and performed excellently until he secured the Spanish national team’s number one spot as well.

Despite starting to fall into the news with many big teams across Europe. But he still insists that he wants to stay with the agency for the long term.

“Being a goalkeeper for the national team You have to be more open to the media. They will remember and annoy you a little. But that’s normal for a public figure,” Simon told UFABET.

“I don’t like reputation and I’m not very pleased with it. And I don’t want to live an open life. I am learning to deal with this problem as best I can.”

Simon hasn’t been without criticism for Spain either. In recent matches he has once again demonstrated a degree of uncertainty when required to leave his box to sweep behind the defence.

“I would like to play many more seasons and retire with the club. which is like my second family There’s a reason they say we are a different club,

but I’ve always thought that the world of professional football is always changing and you never know what the future holds.