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6 symptoms of “menopausal age” in men with treatment methods

6 symptoms of “menopausal age” in men with treatment methods Menopause, or “menopausal age” in women, has many effects on a woman’s health and body. But men can experience many symptoms and changes as they age. Which some people compare this symptom to puberty in men. But it is still controversial

5 ways to reduce stress, edition of working age

5 ways to reduce stress, edition of working age The inevitable consequence of work is stress and it can increase as the deadline approaches. project time. When you meet a co-worker or a bad boss until it has an overwhelming impact on our lives It makes us feel unhappy

Is it safe to eat peppermint?

Peppermint are generally LIKELY SAFE. When taken orally or applied to the skin in appropriate amounts. But if taken in excess, it may cause side effects. Such as heartburn disease, allergic reactions, red face, headache, mouth ulcers, etc. Caution when eating peppermints, especially the people in

Potential Health Benefits of Ginseng.

Ginseng is a medicinal plant that originated from China and Korea. There are many different types and each offers different benefits health. If divided by steps and methods of preservation. Current information suggests that ginseng may benefit health in the following areas: Alleviate cancer-related symptoms. Ginseng’s various

Benefits of herbal teas.

Nowadays, there are many types of herbal teas that are commonly sold in our country. Each type may be beneficial to health in many ways as follows: Ginger tea Although ginger tea has a spicy taste. But it is rich in many antioxidants. Which many people like to drink because

Fiber with constipation properties.

Fiber often referred to as dietary fiber that is a component of plants. It is a nutrient that the body cannot digest like other nutrients. Such as fat, protein or carbohydrates and does not give energy to the body. There are two types : These two types are